Home Decoration Textiles

Textiles para la Decoración del Hogar

Textiles provide comfort, help build relaxing spaces, and give consumers the opportunity to renovate interiors at different prices and with smaller-scale interventions.

• Decoration elements inspired by the wear of the earth and natural elements, achieving more fluid colors and a feeling of tranquility in colder tones.
• Textiles inspired by an authentic and handmade appeal.
• Retro influence with vibrant focus.

Inspiration from dyes worn by the earth naturally, creating unique patterns, as well as the use of color with a relaxing and effortless appearance in jacquard woven gobelins in upholstery for interior and exterior furniture. The gauze-like appearances for use in curtains and decorative windows with natural-looking semi-heavy veils, providing light to the rooms.

In decorative, nature as inspiration in illustrations with textures and appearances in flowers, leaves and rural landscaping. Likewise, digital inspiration with eclectic designs and prints with sustainable inks, with an energetic spirit making contrasts that highlight the upholstery and cushion-like accessories.

Finally, velvet upholstery continues a trend that lasts over time. Fibers soft to the touch with different characteristics in their appearance, with gloss, matte or subtle patterns that give volume and textile structure. Velvet as a must-have for proposing sophisticated environments.