Color, creativity, and eco-awareness contribute to the myriad home décor trends observed this holiday season. We present you the different trends.

Rich Tones: 

  • Sophisticated shades of turquoise, plum, emerald, and teal intertwine in interiors and Christmas decorating schemes for a grown-up aesthetic.
  • The strong and deliberate shapes and style, highlighting geometric shapes or striking curves
  • The warmth comes from both the materials and the colors, with velvets, fringes, fabrics and woods.

Red Accent:

  • Red is relegated to accent touches rather than placing it center stage, within simple, minimalist schemes
  • Located between natural materials and rustic woods with the Scandinavian style, but with greater warmth.

Make it Always Green:

  • Make a natural statement and combine evergreens with materials like wicker skirts, linen cushions, or wool blankets.
  • Keep the rooms relatively simple and straightforward, using light and neutral tones and making sure any decorative features, such as trim, adhere to the natural and neutral tones to avoid detracting from the greenery.
  • Foliage is left 'wild' rather than tied too tightly to garland rings or garland shapes for an organic, hand-forged feel

Tree Styles:

  • Reflecting the wishes of consumers who may not want to cut down a tree or those who do not have space for them, the tree- ternatives they are a sustainable alternative.
  • Incorporate simple wall hanging decorations or card displays for a more sophisticated look with DIY instructions or ready-to-hang kits.
  •  Small table trees or even an 'umbrella' tree, designed to take up little floor space while still offering height.

Animal Magic

  •  The animal motifs move away from the reindeer, robins and polar bears associated with the Christmas style, from the kitsch to the mystical.
  •  Dog motifs find their way into ornaments, bedding, and even Christmas wall light silhouettes.
  • The trend of glass decorations Hyper -kitsch se  softens, with felt and wood designs that follow a similar style.



Kitsch Ombré:

  • Faux Christmas trees are not meant to be realistic, displaying kitschy ombré colors in small-scale tabletop bottle brush trees up to full ceiling height numbers
  •  Contrasting colors  are key, utilizing a variation in tone and strength, with soft sherbet tones mixed with bold neons.
  • Give nature the hyper-real treatment, staining or painting leaves and twigs to fit the trend.


Sugary Scandi:

  • Use the pink  as a 'neutral' in holiday schemes, both as a backdrop and within Christmas decorations.
  • The  sets of scandinavian style they are layered with a soft sugary hue, using pale grays.
  • The pink tones within the products deviate towards the nude.

Information source and photos: WGSN