Rugs, decorative cushions and blankets



We have different types of fabrics, appearances Y designs in order to offer a variety in trend for the different environments of the home. Fabrics in natural and artificial fibers, blends and prints with volume are part of our proposal.

We offer a perfect portfolio to complement the home decoration. We make a cold place, a cozy space.

We are experts in design and decoration. We enhance the environments with proposals in innovation of textures and color combinations.

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Tapetes cojines frazadas

Address: Carrera 56 # 5c-50,
Bogota Colombia
Email: carolinavelez@unoxuno.com.co
Phone: (571) 417 7311

Tapetes cojines frazadas

Headquarters address: Carrera 56 # 5c-50, Bogotá - Colombia

Email: info@unoxuno.com.co 

Telephone: (571) 417 7311 3172470581 3158944311